Wind Power Plant

with maximum
output of 20 kW

A medium-sized wind power plant with a maximum output of 20 kW and a rated power of 18 kW suitable for both on-grid and off-grid systems.

Wind Power Plant


Energy day and night: With SWP RE E-20, you won't rely solely on the sun.

SWP RE E-20 represents the pinnacle of small wind power plants. With a rated power of 18 kW and a maximum power of 20 kW, this power plant is ideal for residential and commercial applications. It utilizes a permanent magnet generator ensuring high efficiency and is equipped with three blades measuring 4.5 meters in length, reinforced with glass fibers for long-term durability.

A rotor with a diameter of 9.8 meters and an area of 75.4 m² ensures maximum utilization of wind energy. The power plant is designed with an active yaw system with assisted rotation, increasing its stability while reducing the need for regular maintenance. It operates over a wide range of wind speeds, with a minimum value of 2 m/s and a maximum of up to 70 m/s for extreme conditions. The tower can be constructed at heights ranging from 16 to 27 meters.

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How much energy can you generate with SWP RE E-20

Average annual wind speed (m/s) Estimated annual production (kWh)
2 4,080
3 10,700
4 20,500
5 32,200
6 47,800
7 64,800
8 81,300
9 95,900
10 107,800

Modern technology

and safety

Implementation of Wind Power Plants

Every day, we build a new power plant, and here are some of our recent wind power plant projects:

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