EV Charging Stations with 22 kW Power

High-performance EV charging station. Up to 22 kW AC in three-phase mode or 7.3 kW in single-phase mode.

Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

22 kW AC in three-phase mode or 7.3 kW in single-phase mode

The station features a built-in LCD touchscreen for monitoring and control directly from the charging station. Initial setup, configuration, and monitoring can be done via Bluetooth and/or WiFi/LAN access.

Our electric vehicle charging station can be fully integrated and remotely controlled. If you have our solar system (as part of the Victron ecosystem), we can configure the station to allow direct charging of your vehicle using excess solar energy.

Manual and scheduled charging modes provide even greater flexibility that adapts to the needs of your electric vehicle and the system.

Záruky renomovaných značek, na které se můžete spolehnout

We have been in the market for 16 years, installing photovoltaic panels before it became a trend. We didn't emerge due to the photovoltaic boom. We have permanent installers who understand the system down to the last screw. We know what we provide a warranty for, and we stand by it because we will be here for decades. Every customer with us also receives 2 years of free assistance services.

20 years

for mechanical panel damage
and 30 years for performance

5 years

for top-quality inverters and components from VICTRON

10 years

for batteries and 8,000 cycles

10 years

for wind power plants

Our Recent Projects

Every day, we build new power plants, and here are some of our recent special power plant projects:

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