We are

SWPOWER Innovation a.s.

Your reliable partner in the field of renewable energy sources.

We have been building power plants since 2007

and specialize in the installation of photovoltaic and wind power plants.

Whether you have a family house, a corporate building, or an industrial complex, we are ready to fulfill your ideas and needs. We have completed hundreds of successful installations in the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Portugal, Madeira, and Menorca. Our goal is to build power plants with the best components that offer maximum efficiency and a long-term return on your investment.

What we offer

Our team of experts constantly searches for and tests the latest technologies on the market. After numerous testing runs, we have selected configurations that meet the demanding criteria of modern households and businesses:

  • 3-phase operation for maximum compatibility with households and businesses
  • backup operation on all phases in case of a power outage
  • long lifespan of all components, with corresponding warranties
  • high system efficiency for a quick return on investment
  • flexible pricing models
  • the option for island operation, where the power plant is connected only to its own battery storage
  • battery storage systems themselves
  • special photovoltaic power plants
  • wind power plants
  • optimization for maximum utilization of state subsidies (NZÚ, OPPIK, etc.)

Our values

Our company focuses on providing products and services of the highest quality. After thorough testing, we select only the best components for our photovoltaic installations.

We are a company that relies on open and honest communication with our customers. We provide clear and transparent information about our products, services, and prices.

Our achievements

In 2021, we installed over 3.5 megawatts of photovoltaic panels on family houses and an additional 3.5 megawatts on corporate buildings. We also added nearly 2.5 megawatts in battery storage. Satisfied customers are our best advertisement, as confirmed by our references, such as ŠKODA autosalon Blansko and Hošek Motors Brno.

How we do it

Každý projekt začíná důkladnou analýzou a poradenstvím. Vyslechneme si Vaše potřeby a přání, na základě kterých navrhneme optimální řešení z hlediska technického i finančního. Samozřejmě Vám pomůžeme s administrativou spojenou se státními dotacemi a granty. Poslední fází je instalace samotná, kde se uplatní naše letité know-how. Nejenže Vám nainstalujeme fotovoltaickou nebo větrnou elektrárnu, ale také Vás naučíme, jak ji efektivně využívat.

Are you ready to take the next step towards a more sustainable future? Contact us, and together we will find the best solution for your energy needs.

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