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Swiss Solar panels are among the best panels on the market. For installations, We use IBEX 132MHC-EIGER 495-500 Wp panels. These panels utilize monocrystalline technology, allowing them to achieve high efficiency of up to 21.06% under standard testing conditions (STC). Under these conditions, the panel offers a maximum current of 12.31 A and a voltage of 40.62 V. The product is certified for class A and approved for a maximum system voltage of 1500 V DC.

These panels also excel in real operating conditions with the nominal operating cell temperature (NOCT) set at 45 ± 2°C. Under these conditions, they achieve a power output of 377 Wp with a current of 10.05 A and a voltage of 37.51 V.

Their resilience to extreme conditions is ensured as the panels can operate in a temperature range from -40 to +85°C and have a maximum load capacity of 5400 Pa for pressure load and 3800 Pa for tensile load. Other technical features include 132 monocrystalline solar cells, dimensions of 2094×1134×35 mm, weight of 26.0 kg, and a stable, anodized aluminum frame in black. The panels also include a Split Junction Box with an IP68 rating and 4 mm² cables.

The product comes with a 20-year warranty for the product and a 30-year performance warranty. This makes IBEX 132MHC-EIGER panels from Swiss Solar an ideal choice for long-term, reliable, and highly efficient solar energy solutions.

SWP BP II battery sets from SWP Technology represent breakthrough technology in energy storage. These batteries, made from WINSTON battery cells with lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) chemistry, offer the highest safety and long lifespan. The key element is the integrated Battery Management System (BMS) that protects the cells in all situations, including temperature fluctuations, currents, and voltages. With communication interfaces compatible with Victron Venus GX or Victron Cerbo GX, these sets are ideal for sophisticated energy systems.

Installation is designed to be as easy and maintenance-free as possible, thanks to the modular construction that is compatible with other SWP Technology products. This flexibility allows for easy expansion of battery storage capacity with additional battery sets. Each battery set offers 8000 charge cycles with a depth of discharge of up to 90% and is certified by TÜV, CE, and UN38.3.

The sets are available in several versions, from SWP BP II 7 with a rated capacity of 7072 Wh to SWP BP II 15 with a rated capacity of 16320 Wh. All variants have a rated voltage of 48 V, an operating temperature range from -45°C to 85°C, and a 10-year warranty.

Overall, SWP BP II battery sets are an ideal choice for those seeking robust, reliable, and long-term energy storage solutions. Their high safety, durability, and modular construction make them an excellent choice for a wide range of applications, from households to industrial installations.

Fotovoltaické sety SWP TP II VICTRON nabízejí komplexní “All-in-One” řešení pro hybridní fotovoltaické elektrárny. Tyto sety vynikají snadnou instalací, bezúdržbovým chodem a možností modulárního rozšiřování. Každý set je vybaven MPPT regulátory, měniči a monitorovací jednotkou od renomovaného výrobce Victron Energy. Bezpečnostní prvky od Schrack zajišťují spolehlivý provoz, zatímco optimalizovaný větrací systém s difuzory zvyšuje účinnost chlazení o 50 %.

Victron MultiPlus-II inverters are equipped with an integrated adaptive battery charger and a fast power source switch, allowing seamless battery switching in case of a grid outage. With Victron MPPT solar controllers with VE.Can communication, you have a robust and fast system with a maximum charging current of up to 100 A. Furthermore, the Victron Cerbo monitoring unit enables remote system control and optimization.

The sets are available in variants from SWP TP II 9000 to SWP TP II 15000, with varying capacity and maximum power according to temperature. All sets come with a five-year warranty and are designed and tested in the Czech Republic, ensuring a minimal carbon footprint. Additionally, everything complies with CSN EN 61439 standards, ensuring adherence to all relevant safety and operational standards.

Overall, SWP TP II VICTRON photovoltaic sets are an ideal choice for those seeking high quality, reliability, flexibility, and possible future expansion.

SWPOWER wind turbines offer a wide range of options, from smaller residential and corporate applications to commercial and industrial use. The SWP RE E-5 model is the smallest but powerful, with a rated power of 4 kW and a maximum power of up to 5.5 kW. Its 4.3-meter rotor is optimized for maximum wind energy utilization. The SWP RE E-20 model offers a larger rated power of 18 kW, with a maximum power reaching 20 kW. Its active tilting system increases stability and reduces maintenance needs. At the other end of the spectrum is the SWP RE E-60 model, which is ideal for a wider range of applications with a rated power of 60 kW and a maximum power of up to 70 kW.

All models use generators with permanent magnets and reinforced fiberglass blades, ensuring high efficiency and durability. They also offer a wide range of wind operating speeds and the possibility of different tower configurations, making this brand flexible and adaptable to various conditions and needs. Regardless of the model, you can rely on high quality and innovative technology that we bring to the wind turbine market.

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