Battery Storage

with a capacity of 7 kWh

made from LIFEPO4 cells from WINSTON, ensuring the highest safety and longest lifespan.

Unique WINSTON Battery

SWP BP II 7 battery set for photovoltaic and wind power plants

Energy stored for times when the sun doesn't shine and the wind doesn't blow.

This 7 kWh capacity battery set offers a wide range of applications in various sectors. Its capacity and efficiency make it ideal for photovoltaic power plants, where it can serve as storage for surplus energy for later use, especially during periods when the sun is not shining. For wind power plants, it is also an excellent solution for storing energy that is not immediately needed.

In case of power outages, it can serve as a reliable backup power source not only for cottages and households. Thanks to its modular construction and robustness, it is suitable for special applications as well. Its flexibility and capacity also make it useful for energy backup in areas without access to the grid.

see what our unique battery storage looks like

unique battery storage
with a capacity of 112 kWh

Maximize your energy potential

See what our battery sets look like

Every day, we build a new power plant along with battery sets. Take a look at how they look, including special solutions for demanding clients:

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