Solar Power Plants


We can handle unconventional projects and the construction of special power plants. We can replace roofing with solar panels or connect a power plant to a turbine, and much more.

  • We excel in special solutions.
  • Roofing with panels.
  • Generator connections.
  • Integration with water turbines.
  • Integration with wind turbines.

We can build unconventional power plants.

Do you have something special in mind? Where most companies stop, we can create and deliver high-quality and functional solutions.

SWPOWER se neomezuje pouze na tradiční solární a větrné elektrárny. Snažíme se přinášet inovace do světa obnovitelné energie, a proto nabízíme i unikátní řešení ve formě ‘speciálních elektráren’. Tento typ elektrárny je řešením pro ty, kteří hledají více než jen standardní instalaci.

For example, instead of traditional roofing, we used photovoltaic panels as roofing material at a gardening facility in Litomyšl. This not only reduced the building's energy consumption but also created a modern and efficient roofing solution.

Furthermore, we have the capability to combine solar panels with water turbines, wind turbines, or diesel generators for maximum efficiency and energy independence. Such integrated solutions offer various benefits, from cost savings on energy to positive environmental impacts.

How the construction

of a special power plant in
Litomyšl proceeded

Záruky renomovaných značek, na které se můžete spolehnout

We have been in the market for 16 years, installing photovoltaic panels before it became a trend. We didn't emerge due to the photovoltaic boom. We have permanent installers who understand the system down to the last screw. We know what we provide a warranty for, and we stand by it because we will be here for decades. Every customer with us also receives 2 years of free assistance services.

20 years

for mechanical panel damage
and 30 years for performance

5 years

for top-quality inverters and components from VICTRON

10 years

for batteries and 8,000 cycles

10 years

for wind power plants

Implementation of Special Power Plants

Every day, we build new power plants, and here are some of our recent special power plant projects:

Fotovoltaika na klíč s dotací NZÚ
pro rodinný dům

Proces instalace fotovoltaiky od Vaší první návštěvy u nás až do předání díla a proplacení dotace máme už za ty roky vyladěn, takže Vás nic nezaskočí.

Personal Consultation
Personal Consultation

For each order, we carefully analyze the property and requirements.


Once we have fine-tuned all the cooperation details, we sign the contract.

Grant Application
Grant Application

We will prepare the documents for the grant application on your behalf and submit it to the ministry.


We perform the installation based on the approved price quote.

Distribution Network
Distribution Network

After the installation, we ensure a seamless connection to the distribution network.

Grant Reimbursement
Grant Reimbursement

We will send you the billing, and you will subsequently receive the grant funds.

Individual Price Quote

We will get back to you within 2 working days!

You will receive a price quote tailored to your needs.